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Additional accessories

Additional accessories for the furnaces are necessary to ensure the appropriate level of safety and reliability of the entire installation. We have a wide selection of various accessories that are characterised by the use of high-quality materials for their production. Among them you will find primarily electrical equipment and hydraulic components. Let’s take a closer look at each type of them.

Electrical equipment

In this group of products you can find those that will significantly simplify and improve the control of the pellet stove. It is primarily a remote control and a Wi-Fi modem. The additional accessories of this type we offer are of course optional and they can be an addition to the Ambiente & Calore stoves. We have them in our offer as well.

Hydraulic components

This group has a very wide selection of various accessories. Among them you will find articles such as: fixed elbows, couplings, tees, bowls and pipes of various lengths. The fixed elbow is characterised by that it bends at specific angle – most often it’s 45° or 90°. Each tube available in our store is usually a straight telescopic tube. Both of these elements are used as connections for flue gas discharge from pellet heating devices. They are made of steel sheet painted with a special, high-temperature pea paint, which ensures a high level of durability. Also, thanks to their structure and the use of special silicone gaskets, they are very tight. A tee is used in a similar way. This accessory – as the name suggests – has three holes. In addition, each connector, rosette, reduction, transition between the pipe and the chimney, and the bowl, all available in our store’s offer will also find its application in the discharge of exhaust gases from the stove. We also have various stands and legs that can be placed under a free-standing pellet stove. However, remember our stove’s weight and what load these accessories can it withstand.

Stove accessories – prices

The prices of this category are varied. We have reductions, rosettes and plugs at prices between 50 and 70 PLN. Matching pipes can be purchased from us from PLN 84. Knees, in turn, cost at least PLN 80, depending on the angle and whether it has the so-called revision. In the latter case, you have to pay over PLN 100 more. You can find the most expensive pipes with us at a price of up to PLN 246. The purchase of a tee is an expense from PLN 126. Prices for the stands and feet are even more varied – you will pay PLN 381 for a glass stand, but the feet, in turn, are worth up to PLN 738. The most expensive product in this category is a Wi-Fi modem for the Ambiente & Calore stove – it is worth nearly PLN 1,000.

Biopellet – here you will find the best products

Stove accessories are only part of our complete offer. We also offer a large amount of pellet stoves, pellet fireplaces and naturally the pellets themselves. All products in our store come only from known and trusted producers. These are mainly Defro, Heiztechnik, Kostrzewa, Biawar Pellux or Ambiente & Calore. When you buy products from these companies, you get a guarantee of the highest quality.

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