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Pellet Fireplaces

It has been known for a long time that fireplaces play an important role in many houses – they allow you to heat a room (usually a living room) and provide an unusual atmosphere in it. At the same time, they can have a decorative function, which is also very important. As a rule, wood is most often used for home fireplaces, while pellet-fired fireplaces have become very popular in recent years. We have many products of this type from leading manufacturers and characterized by the highest quality of production. What can a pellet fireplace offer? Let’s take a closer look at it.

What distinguishes pellet fireplaces?

The great advantage of a pellet fireplace is that it can be controlled automatically. Thanks to this, you don’t have to add fuel directly to the fire, as it was done with traditional fireplaces. Refilling pellets is much easier and safer – just pour it into a dedicated tank. The pellet fireplace is also much easier to clean – pellets generate much less ash and dust than wood. It’s also much lighter, so you can use it virtually anywhere. Typically, the weight of such a device is about 100 kilograms. Efficiency is also an advantage – a pellet fireplace usually has a very high operating efficiency, which also translates into efficiency. More heat generated in the fireplace naturally means greater fuel savings, and therefore less expenditure on pellets.

Pellet fireplaces will also help to keep the air clean in our area. They also help in reducing costs. Installing a fireplace and arranging it in a room does not require any special effort and funds compared to traditional fireplaces. In addition, you can obtain funding for these products from the Clean Air program or from European Union subsidies. Appropriate systems in fireplaces also ensure a high level of safety. These devices are also functional and have a unique design.

Fireplaces can be universal

On the market you can also find fireplaces in which you can light both pellets and pieces of wood. The construction of such devices is in principle similar to those described here. Pellet and wood fireplaces allow you to easily ignite both of these “fuels”. The flame inside the stove looks almost as spectacular as the flame created by lighting the wood itself in a classic fireplace. The price of such a fireplace, as a rule, is close to the value typical for a pellet fireplace.

Pellet fireplace – price

The variety of fireplaces’ offer, depending on their performance, is large, which also means considerable differences in prices. The cheapest fireplaces offered by us cost from PLN 5,300 and provide a performance of 5 kW. We also have more powerful devices that are up to 5 times more efficient. Unfortunately, the price goes hand in hand with performance – it can even exceed PLN 20,000. However, even at this high cost, you get a device that offers a lot. At this price, you can buy pellet fireplaces with a water jacket, which can clean themselves, have an extremely strong structure, and are operated using a remote control or a smartphone. Even if the price may put you off in such a case, what is not done for the perfect heating of a living room or other spacious room in the house.

Pellet fireplaces – manufacturers

The offer of this type of products includes two well-known companies: Defro (Poland) and Ambiente & Calore (Italy). All devices offered by them are characterized by very different efficiency, have many amenities for each user and meet all the Ecodesign combustion standards. It is worth noting that Ambiente & Calore is the only company in our shop that offers fireplaces with a built-in water jacket, which is a kind of novelty on the market for this type of device.

Biopellet – here you will find the best products

Pellet fireplaces are only part of our complete offer. We also offer naturally pellets, a large amount of stoves for this fuel and the necessary accessories to prepare the installation. All products in our store come only from known and trusted producers. These are mainly Defro, Heiztechnik, Kostrzewa, Biawar Pellux or Ambiente & Calore. When you buy products from these companies, you get a guarantee of the highest quality.

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