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The growing popularity of home heating with pellets and new, more and more strict regulations have forced many manufacturers to expand their offer with pellet stoves that meet these regulations one hundred percent, and also provide better and better combustion parameters of this fuel. Our offer includes numerous and varied stoves and pellet boilers from leading manufacturers of this type of products.

Pellet stoves – advantages

The pellet boiler has numerous advantages indicated by the users of such a solution. The first of them is eco-friendliness – it is mainly pellets that contribute to this. It is made of wood waste without artificial additives and emits a small amount of ash, which can then be successfully used as fertilizer. The pellet stove is also relatively easy to use, as it is usually a device that is practically maintenance-free. Pellets also help to keep the boiler room clean, which would be impossible in the case of burning coal. Numerous security features and technologies that are found in modern boilers perfectly protect the building against fire. Extremely high efficiency of pellet stoves translates into very effective combustion of this fuel. Moreover, just kindling this fuel is convenient as its flash point is relatively low.

What pellet stove?

This question is certainly asked by every farm owner who wants to switch to pellet burning. The boiler you buy should meet the appropriate criteria in terms of both performance and dimensions. Manufacturers of pellet boilers met the expectations of customers and developed these devices in various sizes, so that they could be easily adapted to the size of the room in which the pellet stove is to be located. Naturally, pellet boilers should be connected to the chimney, so let’s also adjust our new purchase to its diameter and height. In order to ensure failure-free operation, it is worth having the pellet boiler serviced by a professional service technician at least once a year.

Pellet boilers – prices

The purchase of a pellet boiler is undoubtedly associated with large expenses. In our offer, you will pay about PLN 6,700 for the cheapest stove. The vast majority of boilers, however, have five-digit prices, and the most expensive ones can even cost less than PLN 47,000! However, there is also some good news. If you intend to switch to ecological pellet burning, you can apply for funding under the Clean Air program. More information can be found on the website of this program.

Pellet stoves – producers

Our offer includes pellet boilers from four leading manufacturers. These companies are Defro, Heiztechnik, Kostrzewa and Biawar Pellux. All these companies were established in Poland, which additionally increases the trust of each client. Among all these companies, the youngest brand is Heiztechnik – it was established in the first decade of the 21st century. Other companies have been operating on the heating equipment market for over 40-50 years. All products offered by them have the necessary certificates and meet strict EU regulations, and above all, they are in line with the Ecodesign directive.

What is the Ecodesign Directive?

This directive sets out the energy and emission requirements for central heating boilers. The highest class that a pellet boiler can obtain on the basis of this directive is class 5. The vast majority of boilers offered by us meet all the requirements needed to obtain the 5th class.

Biopellet – here you will find the best products

Pellet boilers are only part of our complete offer. We also offer naturally pellets, a large amount of fireplaces for this fuel and the necessary accessories to prepare the installation. All products in our store come only from known and trusted producers. These are mainly Defro, Heiztechnik, Kostrzewa, Biawar Pellux or Ambiente & Calore. When you buy products from these companies, you get a guarantee of the highest quality.

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