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975 kg Biopellet

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Shipping within 4 business days.

The Pallet contains 65 bags of the highest quality 6mm pellets. Each bag contains 15 kg of pellet, meeting the requirements of the most stringent standards



Bio Pellet parameters

Biopellet is the guarantee of the highest pellet quality, leaving a small ash content of ≤ 0.7%.

The finished product that our customers get is characterized by a moisture content of ≤ 10%.

Diameter Biopellet 6 mm ∓ 1 which guarantees correct combustion in pellet boilers of the highest classes,

while the length of one cylinder of pellets is from 3.15 to 4 mm.

Most importantly, the calorific value ≥ 16.5 MJ / kg (≥ 4.6 kWh / kg)






Do you know that?

Biopellet is always produced from the same mixture of sawdust and shavings. In the vast majority of conifers with an admixture of deciduous trees. Which results in getting the best quality product, And immaculately bright color.

Pellets from sawdust of coniferous trees is better than pellets from deciduous trees. Because of the resin content, which creates a natural binder.









Particular Purpose

Bio pellets will work great in a boiler room equipped with an eco class 5 pellet boiler.

Due to their high parameters, which correspond to the standards of Din + or A1.


Additional information

Weight999 kg
Dimensions120 × 100 × 170 cm
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